Delicious, Organic Cold Brew? Sip on that!

Are you on an adventure to discover Tampa’s best cold brew coffee? Or simply an avid iced coffee drinker looking to expand your palate with a new cool brew? No matter the case, we invite you to visit our Kitchen and Bakery!  

At Fat Beet Farm Kitchen and Bakery, you can sip on a refreshing, flavorful cold brew coffee while enjoying the beautiful view of our coastal farmlands. We believe there’s no better way to start your morning than on one of our outdoor patios with a cup of our small-batch cold brew.

Interested to hear the story behind our cold brew? Let’s chat! 

Our Cold Brew: Origin, Process, and Flavor!

At Fat Beet, our cold brew originates from our local roasting partner, Brown Bag Coffee Company. These fair-trade coffee beans make their voyage to our Kitchen and Bakery from sustainable family farms in the Cerrado Region of Brazil—the 2nd largest biome after the Amazon Rainforest! 

Upon their arrival, our Brown Bag Coffee Co. friends begin their specialized roasting process to unlock the bold, fresh flavors inside each coffee bean. Once the coffee beans are fully roasted, they’ll be coarsely ground to create the base for our cold brew coffee! 

What is cold brew coffee? Our cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in purified water for about 20 hours. These small batches are then filtered to remove the coase grounds and are ready to fill your cup! Or head home with you in the form of a half gallon jug! 

But what about flavored cold brew? Glad you asked! We offer a variety of flavors for cold brew lattes so you love your brew! You can choose one of our 3 house made syrups to spruce up your cup:

  • lavender
  • vanilla
  • classic  

How much caffeine is in our cold brew?

Let’s talk about nutrition! At Fat Beet, serving nutritious food and drinks to our Tampa Bay community is part of our mission! At the heart of every Fat Beet decision we stay true to our farm to table concept, and have made sure to choose a partner who perfectly aligns with our sustainable initiatives! That’s why we’ve chosen to work with our local roasting partner.  

The average cup of cold brew (16 ounces) has 200 mg of caffeine. That’s typically a higher caffeine content as cold brew requires a higher coffee to water ratio than traditional hot coffee, but it depends on the brewing process you’re used to! 

Our cold brew coffee offers more perks than just a jolt of caffeine to wake you up! Here’s just a few health benefits cold brew can offer you! 

  • Low acidity. Due to our roasting and brewing process, the amount of acid released from the grounds is low. (Fun fact: our cold brew has the same amount of acid as a banana!)
  • Provides antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that come from plants such as tannins. These play an important role in guarding your cells against the free radicals produced in your body from natural digestion or radiation/tobacco exposure. 
  • Contains chlorogenic acids. Chlorogenic acid is a natural antioxidant found in cocoa beans and black tea. Studies have shown it to help lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and reduce your risk of cancer. 

What about the calories in cold brew coffee? A regular cup of our cold brew coffee has only 5 calories. While our specialty cold brew lattes have more calories, please feel free to ask our Kitchen and Bakery staff any nutritional information questions! Our cold brew lattes change periodically so we can offer you the full flavor of every season’s bounty!

Wake Up on the Farm with a Cold Brew Latte!

Experience a morning on the farm with a flavorful cold brew latte. You can relax on one of our outdoor patios with friends and family. Or pre-order a few half gallons of our cold brew along with a box of pastries to bring in for your afternoon team meeting!

No matter the brew you decide on, you’ll find bold, delicious flavors when you try our cold brew lattes! You can enjoy any of our farm fresh foods or beverages and connect with our beautiful, coastland farmland for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Ready to start your pick-up order from Fat Beet Farm Kitchen and Bakery? Place your order online or come join us on the farm!